11 MONTHS - 29 May 2011

Liva and Laia are 11 months old today, my big girls!! And poor Laia is more sick than they have ever been before. She has had a fever for 5 days now, on Thursday we took her to the doctor's and got some medication. She wasn't getting better, and all night last night she cried. At 5 am I took her to the hospital - she has a very bad ear-infection and is now on penicilin. All day she has had a fever, and slept most of the day. Albert and I took turns taking care of her or Liva, in the afternoon my mother-in-law came over to take Liva out for a few hours. Poor girl, I felt we were neglecting her! But she seems fine, is crawling around laughing most of the time.
Besides Laia being sick, both girls are doing great. Liva is getting extremely heavy, Laia is getting really long, they can hardly fit size 18 months clothes now.
Laia hasn't gotten any further with her walking, the problem is that she doesn't believe she can walk. She'll take a few steps and then suddenly realize she's walking on her own and sit down. Liva shows no interest in walking on her own, she loves their walker and she loves pushing furniture around to help her walk, but she has no interest in walking on her own, and not much in walking holding our hands. We're not pushing her, they're still so small and it's perfectly normal not to walk yet at 11 months.
They love food, especially Liva. She will eat anything, except feta cheese. Laia is a bit more picky and not too crazy about meat. They love eating on their own, and can even get little things like peas into their mouth.
They have started communicating more, they copy each other's sounds or sometimes even seem to "talk" to one another, using intonation and everything. It's so sweet to watch them.
Sleeping through the night is no problem, they still sleep around 19:00 and wake up between 6 and 7. We've tried putting them down later in the hope they'll wake up later, but it's no use - they just wake up cranky instead. They take a short morning nap of 20-40 minutes, and another nap in the afternoon of 45 minutes to 1½ hours.
We go out every morning for 1-2 hours and again in the afternoon for 2-3 hours. Very often we meet up with other moms, it's wonderful. Liva and Laia get cranky after a while in their stroller, I'm sure it's because they feel squashed. The stroller is really narrow, they don't look comfortable anymore. We've bought a new one in Denmark which I'll have while I'm there in less than 2 week's time, and will bring back down here with me. We're hoping to sell the one we have now.
Liva and Laia love being out (as long as they don't have to sit in the stroller for too long) and look at everything. They especially love dogs! We can spend hours at parks just sitting in the grass looking at dogs. Every time Liva sees a dog on the street she reaches out for it.
They also adore our cats! They still don't talk, the only word they say is "Tatanka" (also when they see Tomahawk). Just seeing one of the cats is enough to make them laugh, the few times they actually get to touch one of the cats they hardly know what to do, they get so happy and excited. Though I get really annoyed at the cats sometimes, I see every day how important pets are to children.
They also say papa, and they're starting to say it when they see Albert. Laia says mam-mam-mam when she's hungry or sees food she wants, and she says Laia quite a bit. They both say other words such as hola, bana (banana?), Header (Heather?), kitty etc, but it all seems very random still. Then again, they have 3 languages to work with, their little brains must be completely overworked at times!
I can't believe Liva and Laia will be 1 year old next time I have to write the monthly update! :)

10 MONTHS + 3 WEEK - 24 May 2011

Wow, talk about a surreal day! This morning I went to pick up a high-chair at someone's house who I barely know. She's one of the moms in the older kid's mommy-group, we met a few times. Though I hardly know her, I gave her my breastpump a few months back - hers had broken, I didn't need it anymore, she desperately did. As they say, what goes around come around. Albert and I need highchairs to have at my mother-in-law's, but don't want to spend too much money (well, we don't want to spend any money, really!). Now this girl I gave the breastpump to is leaving the country and they want to get rid of all their stuff. So, I went to pick up this chair, of course with Liva and Laia, and it's HUGE! I had to transport the chair and double stroller half way through the city, on 2 different metros. I managed without problems, but it was quite embarassing....
In the afternoon I met up with a German twin-mom who I haven't seen for months because she was in Germany. We had agreed to meet at 4:45pm which was already quite late for us, since Liva and Laia have dinner at 6pm and we were meeting about 30 minutes from where we live. We got there about 10 minutes early and received an sms from my friend - she would be late, about 15 minutes. She was almost 25 minutes late, by the time she arrived we should have been leaving. Of course we stayed for a while and chatted, then hopped on a bus to get home as quickly as possible. It was right at the beginning of rush-hour, the bus was full! Liva and Laia were getting hungry and tired, but they have been so happy all day today and did great on the bus-ride as well. There were loads of people entertaining them, this probably helped a lot as well! :) We arrived shortly before Albert got home, I changed and went to work to go teach my student. It is so weird changing from being a twin-mom for almost 11 month old babies to being a serious English teacher all dressed up to a very important business man who is the boss of 40.000 people! But I love this change, and I love that I can do it!

10 MONTHS + 3 WEEK - 23 May 2011

Time is passing so quickly, in less than a week Liva and Laia will be 11 months old!
We're keeping really busy, and loving it! This weekend we all four went to my nephew's birthday Saturday afternoon, there were 7 other kids there, from our niece who's a few months younger than Liva and Laia to my niece and nephew´s cousins where the oldest is 8 years old. Liva and Laia loved it, they were being carried around and given loads of attention by all the older kids.
On Sunday I took the girls to a Danish parent-group here in Barcelona, that was nice as well. Though supposedly lots of babies normally come to those meetings, Liva and Laia were the youngest this time.
Today Heather came and took the girls out to a playground while I got some work done. They were in such a good mood when they came home, it was wonderful! In the afternoon we met up with the Italian twin-mom. Her girls hadn't slept all afternoon and she was going crazy. But the girls did great, all four of them had a really good time, and so did I. The rest of the week is pretty much booked up, and I love it!
I feel really bad for Laia, she wants to play with her sister, but Liva is such a cry-baby and doesn't quite understand the concept of playing yet. One of Liva's favorite games is when we chase her around the house, catch her and tickle or kiss her. Laia has started chasing Liva, but Liva just starts crying. Sometimes Laia will grab Liva and try to play by putting her head on Liva's stomach or something. Laia loves is, and cracks up every time. Liva starts crying... We try to tell Liva it's OK, Laia is only playing. Or to show them how they can play together. But Liva either doesn't get it, or doesn't want to play with her sister. Which is a shame, because they could have so much fun together already!

10 MONTHS + 2 WEEK - 17 May 2011

We went to a mommy-meeting this morning, and it was great - for all three of us. Liva and Laia were crawling around among the other babies, grabbing toys, eating food that had fallen on the floor, sharing their toys and watching other babies eat the food they dropped on the ground. One little girls who's only 1 week older than Liva and Laia can stand up on her own and is walking around - Laia seemed very impressed and has walked more today than ever before. She now goes about a meter or so before she lets herself fall forward into someone's arms. It's so sweet to watch her afterwards because she is so proud of herself! She laughs with every step she takes, and jumps up and down with joy when she is safely in someone's arms - it doesn't matter whose, as long as it's an adult willing to hug and praise her.
Liva is starting to show an interest in walking as well, she is getting really good with their push-walker toy, she can balance on her own now, and she's starting to want to walk while we hold her hands. She'll get there very soon as well.
They are both completely obsessed with the cats lately, especially with Tatanka since he lets them touch him and always wants to be where the are. Both Liva and Laia are all over the house calling "Tatata" all day, when they see him they laugh and stretch out their arms trying to touch him. But since they still haven't really learned the meaning of "gentle", Tatata usually goes running.
Liva has apparently decided that she can do everything herself, she insists on eating on her own. Today she ate her porridge partly with a spoon, partly with her fingers. I was actually quite impressed at how well she handled the spoon, she put it in her mouth without problems -although about half her dinner landed on the floor, her chair and her.
Liva slipped in the bathroom today while I was washing Laia's hands - I had told Liva a hundred times to back away from the shower, but couldn't physically remove her since I couldn't let go of Laia who was standing on a stool. As I had feared, Liva slipped and bumped her mouth on the shower-plate. She cried, bled and her lip swelled up. She's now all blue in her mouth behind her upper lip, and looks like a boxer. Poor girl, she is constantly hurting herself.
Besides that, they're doing great! They are such loving, happy girls, Laia gives cuddles to anyone who'll take them, Liva gives cuddles to anyone she knows. They smile and wave at people when we go for walks, Liva has loooong conversations with ... well, with herself, trees, strangers, maybe the stroller, I honestly don't know. Laia tends to ignore her when we're out for walks, but they seem to have profound conversations when we're home. They even have the intonation of questions and statements, it's fun to listen to. They play loads, they giggle and squeel like teenagers. I just love them both with all my heart, and never get tired of watching them develop and learn new things every day.

10 MONTHS + 2 WEEK - 14 May 2011

So, it's Saturday again, yippee!! We all four went to the park this morning, looked at birds and dogs, swang on the swings and had a snack and coffee - I had coffee, the girls did the rest.
My mother-in-law came around 4pm and shortly after Albert and I left. We went to look at parquet and then bought underwear for me. Wow, first time in months that I've come home with a bag full of stuff for me and nothing for Liva and Laia. It feels wonderful! I can't wait to wear my new stuff tomorrow!:) Afterwards we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant we go to quite often but haven't been in a long time, got tipsy on one glass of wine and walked home hand in hand in the rain. What a lovely evening!
Laia is really enjoying this whole walking-thing, she still only takes a few steps at a time before letting herself fall, but she loves it when we hold her hands and she gets to walk. Liva is all over the apartment with their walker, and is starting to stand on her own for a few seconds. My plan is that at least Laia can walk by the time I fly to Denmark with them, almost four weeks to practice should be plenty.

10 MONTHS + almost 2 WEEK - 12 May 2011

Laia took her first steps on her own today!! I didn't see it, it happened with Heather who showed Albert when he got home. I can't wait for tomorrow, I want to see my big girl walk!
I have the feeling tomorrow will be a great day, in the morning I'm meeting the mommy-group in the park, Heather will come when it's time to feed the girls lunch and I will leave shortly after. First I teach a class, then I go to Oxford House for a marketing course for 3 hours. By the time I get home the girls will already be asleep, I will have to give them loads of cuddles and kisses the few hours I get to be with them in the morning.

10 MONTHS + 1 WEEK - 9 May 2011

After this week we had, Albert and I decided to enjoy the weekend. Friday was just as rough as the other days, I had meetings and work all day, when I finished Albert and I met up to go see a lawyer. He helped us do our taxes for 2010 - I have to pay money! :( - and helped me with paperwork since I'm working freelance. We didn't get home until 20:00 and we were both exhausted.
Saturday morning we all four went out, it was raining so we decided to go to a mall with a little play-area that Liva and Laia love. Though both Albert and I had quite a bit of work, we tried to enjoy the days together as a family, and worked when Liva and Laia napped. Saturday afternoon my mother-in-law came and Albert and I left straight away. She enjoyed time with the girls, Albert and I had a lovely afternoon and evening in the center. In the evening we opened a bottle of wine and watched a show we both quite enjoy on TV.
Sunday morning the weather was lovely, we all went for a walk, had coffee and brunch at a small café, Liva and Laia tried ice-cream for the first time. At first they were a little suspicious about this cold thing I was feeding them, but after a couple of spoonfuls they just couldn't get enough. We walked home along the beach, by the time we arrived home it was time for Liva and Laia's nap. In the afternoon I played with them while Albert cleaned the house, the evening we spent working - after the lovely dinner Albert prepared and the last of the wine from Saturday night. All in all a lovely family weekend!

10 MONTHS + 1 WEEK - 7 May 2011

The week calmed down a bit, but not much. Albert took the day off Wednesday to be home and help me. The doorbell rang non-stop, and Albert was on the phone most of the day - insurance companies, the building responsible, etc, etc, etc. The insurance companies agreed that our parquet needs to be changed, and possibly some of the doors as well. We just had the entire apartment done when we moved in less than two years ago...
At the same time, the neighbor 2 floors down has been complaining about water damage in her apartment, and the neighbor below us kept insisting it came from us and was our fault. The plumbers came Thursday and fixed the pipe, it wasn't our fault, it was a broken pipe in our down-stairs neighbor's apartment. So we've had insurance people and plumbers here for that, too.
Liva an Laia are doing so good, Heather came for a couple of hours on Thursday and they are such sweet girls, they are happy to be with her. Wednesday we went to playground with another mom and her daughter, the three girls had such a good time there. I can't believe how quickly things are happening now. Laia has had another tooth come out, she now has 6! Liva still has 4. Liva is walking all over the apartment with the walker we actually bought for Laia, but Laia doesn't care for it. Laia walks all over the place holding our hands. They love eating on their own, I keep giving them new things to try, they like everything. Today we had breadsticks dipped in cheese, the other day they had tomatoe and goat cheese, they love it all. They especially love chocolate and chocolate cookies, though! Like their parents... :)

10 MONTHS - 3 May 2011

What a week - and it's only Tuesday!!
Yesterday I went to sign the girls up in daycare, now all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. We'll know June 9th whether they're in or not.
While I was out getting that done, Albert called. He had just watched a person die at work! One of his bosses died of a heart attack, right in the office in front of everyone. Horrible!
This morning our new friends Susan and her son Luca came over, and we all walked together to the mommy-meeting which was at one of the mom's house. We had a wonderful morning playing and talking (Liva and Laia doing the first, me doing the second), and a nice walk home again. I fed the girls lunch they could eat on their own, they loved it! After their afternoon nap we went out for another walk in the sun, watched the birds and all the kids finishing school. While they were having dinner it started raining. A lot. Next thing I know, our kitchen sink is filling up with water, then water started pouring out of the pipes from the dishwasher and washingmachine. Albert was on his way home, the water was running over the sides of the sink, the kitchen was flooded. Shortly after, the water poured into the hall and computerroom. I switched off the electricity, took the girls into their room - they had been having fun playing with the water, which was all dirty and gross - wiped them down with wipes, put lotion on them and got them into their pyjamas. Albert came home just as I was finishing up. We left the girls in their beds while we tried to do something about the water. Poor Liva and Laia were eventually crying so much I just couldn't take it anymore, and it was their bedtime anyway so I gave them their bottle and put them to bed. They fell asleep in no time. The water was still pouring out of the pipes and running over the side of the sink, eventually we called the firebrigade. They got here within minutes, and helped us get the water sorted out - it turned out to be a plugged drain on the roof. They were here for 45 minutes, 3 guys and 1 lady, one hotter than the other! One positive thing about having the apartment flooded! Though they were walking around the house in their big boots and yelling to each other, Liva and Laia slept through it all. They must have been exhausted.
After 45 minutes or so the firemen (and woman) left again, Albert and I spent quite a while drying and cleaning everything, now things are more or less back to normal. Someone from the insurance is coming tomorrow, our parquet couldn't handle all that water, we'll see what has to be done.
I hope tomorrow will be a bit calmer, we're meeting a mom and her daughter who's 1 day older than Liva and Laia, I hope that will be the most exciting thing of the day! :)