The family

A bit of information about Liva and Laia's family.


DAD: Albert, born in Barcelona in November 1975. Lived in Hamburg for 3 years when he was in his twenties. Works for Nilfisk-Advance as Account Manager.

His hobbies are:
  • languages; besides his native Catalan and Spanish he also speaks English and German as well as very good Danish. He knows a little Italian and his big passion at the moment is anything related to Asia, especially to China.
  • cultures, especially the Asian culture.
  • photography; you can see some of his pictures here. He takes pictures at events such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays etc. at very competitive prices since it's his hobby, not his job.

MOM: Stine, born in Copenhagen in January 1975. Lived in Belgium and Germany as a child, Michigan USA for 1 year at 21 years old, Caracas, Venezuela for 4 months and 7 years in her beloved Barcelona before the whole family moved to Denmark in April/May 2012. Works as Course Coordinator and Communication & Marketing Manager for a small language school in Copenhagen, as well as language teaching and translating.

Her hobbies are:
  • languages; besides her native Danish she also speaks English and German as well as pretty good Catalan and Spanish. She knows a little Flemish/Dutch from living in Belgium as a child.
  • cultures; having lived in 6 different countries on 3 different continents, and having had friends from practically all over the world, this came naturally.
  • reading; a passion which is unfortunately not fulfilled as much as she'd like at the moment....
  • cooking and food; another passion which is not fulfilled at the moment
How did the parents meet?
At a language exchange program in Barcelona back in February 2005. It was love at first sight! :) You can read the whole story here.



MORMOR: Stine's mom, grandma age, still a few years away from retirement, works as a cook in an engineering company near Copenhagen. Luckily for her grandchildren she only works part-time, meaning she is constantly called upon to pick up grandchildren from school/daycare, babysit, cook or whatever.
MORFAR: Stine's dad, grandpa age, also still a few years away from retirement, works as sales and export manager for a construction company in Denmark.

They live in a lovely house with a garden in the north of Sealand, about 1 hour north of Copenhagen and 15 minutes from Elsinore, home of Hamlet. We see them loads after having moved to Denmark, Liva and Laia loved it and so does Stine. Albert says he's happy about it too, but they are his in-laws so he's surely not as thrilled as the rest of the family!


IAIA: Albert's mom, grandma age, retired real estate agent. Lives 10 minutes from our apartment in Barcelona, came to see the girls every Saturday afternoon, giving us a break at the same time when we lived in Barcelona. Us moving to Denmark was very hard on her, and we all miss her loads. She comes to visit in Denmark as often as possible, but it is of course not enough, especially not for Liva & Laia.

AVI: Albert's dad, grandpa age, 10 years older than Iaia, retired shipping/customs agent. Lives about 30 minutes up the coast in a nice little beach-town. We see him as often as possible, but since he is old and ill he can't come to Denmark meaning we practically never see him. We are all very sad about that, and hope to make it to Barcelona more often in the future.